Motivational Gurus back with new formulae

TWO MOTIVATIONAL gurus -Shiv Khera and Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri are back with their recipes to fight the odds. On August 6. President APJ Abdul Kalam will release Shiv Khera's new book Living With Honour (Rs 275) in New Delhi. Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri's Great Indian Dream (Rs 295) will hit the market on August 12. Macmillan is the publisher of both books. And bookstores are getting ready to cash in on another wave of "motivated* buying. India Book Distributors, which is dis-tributing both the books, has got orders for 7.000 copies of Living With Honour and 4.000 copies for Great Indian Dream. Rajesh Sharma of the IBD says, "It's a huge market out there for motivational books." Khera. with the phenomenal success of You Can Win under his belt, is a much sought-after writer. That book, published by Macmillan with a price tag of Rs 325, is still among the bestsellers. It has already sold more than half a million copies in the country Dr. Chaudhuri's Cbum Your Chicken Before They Hatch (Vikas Publishing House. Rs 225) is also doing good business. Plus, both the writers are seminar regulars at business schools and corporate houses, adding to their stature as motivational gurus. Their reputation, boosted by these frequent public appearances as 'genuine' gurus, iscer tainly a good thing for book sales. Add to that the new-age thirst for the right recipe for success, and one can safely predict a runaway hit. Apart from individuals, the corporate sector is a very important bulk buyer of these books. According to Ashok Barman, owner Family Book Shop. "Motivational books are a rage these days. Especially. Shiv Khera is immensely popular with motivation book buyers." He is confident that the new books will "sell like hot cakes". Besides companies, who gift these books to their employees at seminars and conferences, students are the next big buyer segment for motivational tomes, says Barman. Sharmila Dasgupta at Oxford Book store echoes Barman, saying, "Shiv Khera and Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri are best selling authors. Naturally, their new books will be in demand." As success leads to more success, the personal triumphs of the writers are certain to translate into large sales for their books.

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