Prof Arindam Chaudhuri speaks to the students of IIPM Kolkata

On the 17th of September 2012, the leader who has established an educational empire preaching knowledge, self believe and confidence visited the students of IIPM Kolkata in the Science City Auditorium on a fruitful Monday morning. Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri from the very first word thrilled the audience with his perspective on the ā€˜Iā€™ Theory of Management, which propagates the Indian history its values and culture being an integral part of the modern management system. His address to the spectators was a powerhouse of energy and truly inspirational as for most people it was the much needed opportunity to realize that the journey is the true reward and that ultimately success comes to those who are true to their passion. This occasion was an honor to witness as a Management Guru of that stature stirred the students from within and made most a lot more oriented towards their true fervor.

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  • Event Name: Event1
  • Event Place: Kolkata
  • Event Date: Monday, 17 September 2012
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