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The Intelligent Person’s Manifesto for Success & Happiness

This book of Global Humanism explains how the concepts of both God & Capitalism hamper human happiness and shows how to achieve success and happiness by thinking – BEYOND GOD AND CAPITALISM. Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri explains logically in his typically simple language why this is ‘The Inevitable New World Order’.

The first part of ‘Beyond God & Capitalism’ will help you understand:

  • Why access to Religion must be banned for children below 18 and no religious practice should be allowed inside schools
  • How God is a huge barrier to success
  • How religion is the biggest enemy of Global Humanism & Peace
  • How Religion exploits women and poor
  • The irrefutable origin of life on Earth
  • How cavemen created God
  • How negative fears created Ghosts
  • Why Gods & Ghosts don’t exist
  • Why Prayers can never work
  • Why religion is harmful
  • How God is nothing but an unscientific, primitive and mediaeval explanation of everything unknown to human beings
  • Why living with unanswered questions in life is far better than living with answers that can’t be questioned (which religions give you)
  • How judging people on their sexual preferences and choices is a shameful sub-set of religion.
  • How marriage is another sub-set of religion that only serves the purpose of putting a stamp of ownership on another free human being
  • Why the only morals taught in schools should be the law of the land

The second part of ‘Beyond God & Capitalism’ explains:

  • Why Capitalism is not conducive to human happiness
  • Why in the very near future every human being will have free access to shelter, health, education and universal basic income
  • Why very soon human beings will not need to work to live. They will only work to chase their passions or if it makes them happy
  • Why no one has the right to earn more than say 3-5 times than the lowest paid worker in the society
  • Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri’s concepts of Laws of Increasing Marginal Utility, Survival of the Weakest & Trickle-Up effect

The third part of ‘Beyond God & Capitalism’ elucidates how you can:

  • Achieve Success
  • Win Friends
  • Motivate and Communicate better
  • Lead effectively by using Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri’s 9Ps for Discovering the Diamond in You.
  • “BEYOND GOD & CAPITALISM” The Inevitable New World Order.