Speaking Engagements

“The maverick management guru!”
Financial Times, London

“Set(s) the stage on fire”
“Inspiration personified”

The Times of India

“The intellectual litterateur of the decade”
The Hindustan Times

“In one word, the workshop was Brilliant. Without attending it, you don’t know what you are missing.”
Managing Director, Hero Motors, Pankaj Munjal

“Stimulative and interactive, I discovered that the Gita has a lot to say.”
Mr. Francois Massoulie, First Secretary, European Commission Delegation

“Enough research has gone in areas of leadership and personality which can be used as assets for better managerial performance….Very fruitful event where every moment involved value addition.”
Executive President, Aditya Birla Group of Industries, Ms. N. Chainani

“Had I not attended the workshop, I would have missed some novel concepts… examples from epics… It helped me discover that simple principles help achieve great things. It can be best described as novel and useful.”
President, Tata Chemicals, S. Ganapathy

Arindam's Value Proposition:

Arindam brings a rarest mix of practical entrepreneurship, best-selling writings and terrific oratory to his highly sought after speaking and consulting engagements. Before all else, Arindam considers himself an Entrepreneur and its in his various entrepreneurial endeavors that he first practices what he speaks. He therefore believes his speeches and consulting solutions are result oriented, more so since, unlike most other management experts he runs quite a well diversified business conglomerate. Often referred to as a serial entrepreneur, Arindam believes he is primarily attracted to entrepreneurship when he feels its more social in nature and he would get a chance to connect with larger sections of the masses and bring about a change in their lives and thought processes, as is reflected by most of his ventures like GIDF, Daily Indian Media or Planman Motion Pictures. Though he is one of India's most prolific writers - with a weekly column in more newspapers than any other Indian writer - he considers himself a better speaker than a writer. While his readings and education gave him a solid base, he believes its his failures that have always helped him improve his theories and make them more practical. Thus, he is a stickler for good theories. He believes nothing is more practical than a good theory and anything that is great in practice must be converted into a great theory and taken to the masses. It is this ability of his - to convert great practices into easy theories and then take them to masses in an easy and lucid manner, that sets him apart as a more sought after speaker, who has also been termed as the most expensive speaker of India.

Arindam conducts workshops, seminars and lecture tours on Comparative Management Techniques worldwide. His talks have always had a spell binding effect. As an internationally acclaimed speaker Arindam has spoken extensively in various cities and universities of America and Europe, including at the Harvard Business School in Harvard University, Kenan Flagler Business School in University of North Carolina and Imperial College Business School in London. As a management thinker he specializes in the areas of Strategic Vision, Leadership and Comparative Management Techniques. His contribution to the field of management studies can be found in the iconoclastic "Theory 'i' Management" which he has developed for India Inc.in his book Count Your Chickens before They hatch. "Theory 'i' Management" is about India centric management ideas with global applicability. Apart from his international seminar tours, since 1998, he has been conducting workshops on Leadership and Strategic Vision exclusively for CEOs, MDs, Directors and Presidents from the corporate sector in India. From the Managing Director of Hero Motors to the President of Tata Chemicals, from the Executive President of A.V. Birla Group to the CEO of Ernst & Young have all taken LEADERSHIP TRAINING WORKSHOPS from him. From public sector giants like NTPC to GAIL to private sector giants like Microsft to ABB have either had Arindam come over and speak to their executives or have sent their top management people to attend his workshops. This is of course apart from a list of virtually every other organization worth its name who have benefitted from his consulting firm Planman's various consulting solutions. As a celebrated speaker he has spoken at various annual conferences and national conventions and Industry organizations like CII, Assocham etc.

Arindam's Favorite Topics:

Though he customizes and speaks for organizations depending upon their needs his favorite topics include the following

  • Leadership and Strategic Vision, based on his book Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch
  • Personal Success and Inspiration, based on his book Discover The Diamond in You
  • Building Lasting Brands and New Age marketing and Selling, based on his book Thorns to Competition
  • Business strategy for CEOs, based on his book CULT
  • The Great Indian Dream: How India can beat America and China, based on his book The Great Indian Dream
  • Good Without God : How to achieve success and happiness without taking help of the non existent concept of God
  • Equalized Wages and Happy Capitalism: Why in a humane society the ratio of wage difference between the highest paid worker and the lowest paid worker shouldn't be more than 3:1


For individual organizations: Although his personal speaking/consulting sessions are priced high, he believes this is only a reflection of the fact that he is stretched for time and refuses to accept too many assignments in a year where he can reach out to only a few people or corporates whose sole motive is to maximize profits. He believes his team can conduct equally effective sessions at a fraction of his price.

As a matter of policy, from the year 2012, he has decided not to charge any amount for sessions with the Indian Army, Indian Police and any non-political public gathering attended by more than 5,000 people.

Arindam currently charges $50,000 for a speaking/consulting engagement of 90 to 180 minutes. The maximum number of participants in such engagement sessions is restricted to 25. For additional participants (up to another 25), the charge is $500 per participant. Beyond a total of 50 participants, he charges a flat rate of $62,500.

For Arindam's Open House Workshops, the investment per participant is $1,250. His open house workshops are restricted to a maximum of 100 participants. These open house workshops are announced from time to time in leading newspapers.

All taxes applicable additionally


For Arindam's personal speaking / consulting sessions please e-mail to contact@arindamchaudhuri.com

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